Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to Find a Great Web Design Firm

So everyday I take calls from people looking for a professional web design company and as I hear the same questions over and over; I decided to do some research about what other folks in the industry were saying about this exact topic. So I as I searched Google for things like:
  • "how to find a great web design firm"
  • "finding a website design company"
  • "tips and advice for first time web design clients"
  • "diving into finding your first web design company"
Finding a great web design company tips:
  1. Review their web design portfolio for work that resembles your market
  2. Call their previous clients
  3. Ask about their process. Does it fit your style? Does it sound personalized?
  4. Ask about their pricing structure. Is it project-based? hourly? retainer?
  5. See if they've won awards
  6. Check out their LinkedIn to see who their designers are
  7. Check web design firm websites for reviews on them
  8. Are their previous clients successful?


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